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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​6 weeks - 1 Year Old Classes


At 6 weeks old the academy has the children in Yoga, learining video material which introduces them to shapes, sounds and colors, along with motor skills.

1 year old children learn in their age group by themselves, their learning includes small and large motor skills, shapes, sounds, colors, sign language and spanish. Exercise is important to Beautiful Wings Academy and we will introduce them to Yoga fit for their age group as well as other exercises to help them stay in shape.

​2-Year Old Class

2 year old children will be educated by using their large and small motor skills, shapes, sounds, colors, beginners sign language, and beginners spanish. Beautiful Wings Academy will introduce this group to word recognition, reading, writing, and math in preparing them for the next academic stage in the academy. 

3-4 Year Old Class

3-4 Year old students will learn everything mentioned above but at a more extenssive level and it will also include hygiene, reading, writing, math, healthy eating (child obesity awareness), and productive social skills. Exercise is a part of our program which will include the basic exercises as well as beginners yoga. 

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